My name is Becca Heringer and I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and founder & creator of the art lifestyle brand The Cosmic Project and my new brand TCP Vintage. As a creative woman, dealing with a rare disorder I will always prioritize my health, work even harder to run and use my business as my therapy & passion and continue to advocate for my rare disorder. I believe you change the world by just being your true authentic self. My art style is influenced by my surroundings, NYC , nature, and pretty much anything colorful. I believe we need to always add some color to our lives and create our own rainbows.

I founded the Cosmic Project because I believe that art exists behind a four-sided canvas. Art is meant to be lived in.. The Cosmic Project is a lifestyle brand that brings a sense of boldness into your every moment and movement.

After graduating from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. I decided i wanted my art not only hanging on the wall, but also be worn in the outside and to decorate spaces. My process begins simply, I start with an idea, then by hand, I put concept to paper. I modify the sketch this way or that depending on what product or pattern I'm designing.

The Cosmic Project will bring creativity into your interior and exterior world. Colorful products made by me for you! Just remember; your world is your canvas.